Quality Center

Within the framework of caring for committing to the quality standards in all the university fields and services, the quality center and academic accreditation of the deanship has been established on 5/6/1432H for the purpose of spreading culture of quality among workers of deanship. The center begins preparation of self-evaluation program and institutional application.

Deanship of libraries Affairs took the pledge to achieve quality and academic accreditation in its work since date of the deanship establishment and even before establishment of a quality center inside it. one of the best prominent works achieved by deanship for the sake of achieving quality and academic accreditation is:

  • Approving and spreading of vision, goals and message of deanship in libraries and deanship websites online.

  • Upgrading the actual state of Al Majamah university libraries through questionnaires and review lists so to reveal the reality of libraries.

  • Upgrading the actual training needs for workers in deanship and university libraries and enforcing the continuous vocational development for workers through description of 14 internally training programs and preparation for implementing 6 programs in the academic year 1432/1433H.

  • Preparation of a range of regulations and legislations which organize work inside the deanship, including the regulations of Al Majamaah university libraries and regulations of the traditional and electronic group development policy.

  • Working on preparation of researches for measuring the extent of the beneficiary satisfaction from the library services offered to them.

  • Preparation of the comparative studies together with the local and international standards concerning the work aspects of libraries and information field.

  • Proceeding the preparation of a career description for workers inside the university libraries.

  • Participation of deanship in setting the strategic plan of Al Majamaah university for the year 1432/1433H.


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