In attempt to increase research level and help researchers achieve their goals, the Saudi Digital Library signed an agreement with ProQuest company to make the RefWorks service available to unlimited number of researchers at Saudi universities.

RefWorks is a web-based reference management software which has some of the following features:

1.          Users' reference databases are stored online, allowing them to be accessed and updated from any computer with an internet connection.

2.          Instance creation of reference lists at the end of the document

3.          RefWorks enables users to organize, read, and annotate everything

4.          RefWorks allows users to select the citation styles to use such as APA and others.

To register in this service, please follow these steps:

1.          Visit and click on “Create Account”

2.          Enter your university email then click on “Check”.

3.          In case you an existing active email, you will receive a confirmation message asking you create a password, and the username is your email.

4.          A message will be sent to your email containing an activation link. You must activate your account before using RefWorks.

5.          After you click on the activation link, a new page will show asking you to enter your name, occupation and college as well as if you are interested to download “Save to RefWorks” tool, which grabs information from any web page and adds it to your RefWorks library, and Write-N-Cite, which is a Microsoft Word plugin that allows you to quickly insert and edit citations from your Legacy or New RefWorks account, adding them to your bibliography as you go.6.Finally, you are ready to use RefWorks and add your research and references.