Virtual meeting with students on Skills of preparing for exam

The Vice-Dean’s Office for Educational Affairs, represented by the Student Support Unit, held on Monday a virtual meeting with the college students entitled “Skills of preparing for exam”.  The meeting was moderated by the coordinator of the unit, Dr. Murad Al-Shubul in the presence of the vice-dean for educational affairs, Dr. Fahad Al-Sherari.

The presenter of the meeting, Dr. Fahad Al-Nughaimash, talked about the skills that students will learn before, during and after exam. He suggested that students should manage their time and diversify the methods of studying as well as using mental maps to ease the process of study and revision.

The night before exam, Dr. Al-Nughaimash said students should get sufficient rest. Easier questions should be answered first and understanding the questions is significant for answering them. The presented finally talked about issues such as anxiety after exam and there is no point of discussing it as that would have negative effect on the next exam.

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Monday, 19/April/2021