Welcome to the website of the Vice-Dean’s Office for Female Student Affairs. I am delighted to be the representative of female departments at the College of Science and Humanities in Hawtat Sudair to advance education wheel in line with the university strategic plan.

In view of the development of the university and the vital role played by the dean, Dr. Tariq al-Bahlal whose efforts to follow-up the college progress are obvious to everyone, this has resulted in a clear advancement in the college performance.

The Vice-Dean’s Office also strives to enhance its role by elevating the college staff performance as an act to create an optimal educational environment conducive to the college progress and development.

To achieve that, several training courses were suggested to improve the experience of the college staff as we believe that education is one of the fundamentals for developing a human being.

Such a thing will not be achieved without the sacrifice of faculty member, on one hand, and, on the other hand, regular attendance of classes and perseverance to seek knowledge.

We hope to provide staff and students with the best services, and we look forward to receiving your suggestions and feedback.

We are on your side to face future challenges and will do whatever it takes to make the academic environment conducive.

We hope that our college will always be at the forefront of its counterparts, wishing all the university staff, led by MU rector, Dr. Khalid al-Muqren and the dean, Dr. al-Bahlal, all the best in their future endeavors to make our university among the top renowned universities worldwide.

Dr. Nora al-Shehri

Vice-Dean for Female Affairs

Assistant Professor – Department of Islamic Studies