To continuously strive to improve the counseling services provided to students in line with international standards at higher education institutions which will help in meeting students’ needs to excel.


To provide the best academic, psychological, educational, and social counseling services for students in accordance with Islamic teachings and comprehensive quality standards, so that the student can build his personality and adapt to the university environment and be an effective member during his university life and in the community after his graduation.


1. Prepare new students and providing them with the necessary support to overcome the difficulties they may face.

2. Provide academic guidance and counseling service for students.

3. Qualify students psychologically and socially to adapt with university life.

4. Develop students' achievement abilities and skills.

5. Develop students' interactive skills in areas such as communication skills and personal planning.

6. Promote academic practices among faculty members.

7. Discover talented students and provide them with appropriate care.