The Department of Contemporary Islamic Studies was established in 1422/1423 AH, the same date when the college was founded. Being one of the most important and largest academic departments in the college, several courses are taught including Noble Qur’an, interpretation ‘Tafseer”, the sciences of the Qur’an, the Sunnah and its sciences, the faith ‘Aqedah’ and jurisprudence and its essence.

In teaching these courses, the approach of Islam’s moderation in calling to God is adopted, keeping away from extremism, and following the approach of the Sunnis.

The department also provides community services and focuses on research to address contemporary societal problems.

Study at the Department (Graduation requirements):

    • The department offers a minimum of 8 levels.
    • As the student completes successfully the courses associated with all levels according to the study plan, he/she can graduate after fulfilling the graduation requirements.
    • To earn a degree in Islamic studies, students must complete 138 credit hours as follow:
  • The university compulsory courses (12) credit hours.
  • The college compulsory courses (4) credit hours.
  • The department compulsory courses (122) credit hours.