Message from the Head of Department


قسم إدارة أعمال



The Department of Business Administration was set up at the College of Sciences and Humanities in Hawtat Sudair in 1431 AH. The department contributes significantly to serving the university’s educational, social, and research objectives. The Department of Business Administration aims to provide the labor market with qualified graduates with exceptional competitive capabilities to serve the country.

To improve the department academically, a new study plan was recently approved following the latest scientific and practical trends in the field. Two new tracks were offered to meet the demands of the market, and they are: Marketing and Management Information Systems track. This is in addition to the other two tracks: Human Resources Management and Financial Management. Students can join any of these tracks after completing successfully the courses of the first six levels in the old study plan, or after completing the first four levels based on the new study plan.

The department has a group of local and contracted faculty members along with Saudi lecturers and teaching assistants who work hand in hand to advance the department academically and administratively. The department is also working seriously to obtain internal and external accreditations for its programs.

Wish you success


Dr. Thamer Al-Khalid

Head of the Department of Business Administration