The College of Science and Humanities based in Hawtat Sudeir is an academic institution at Majmaah University which was established under its current name on 03/09/1431 concurrently with Majmaah University establishment. Being one of the oldest colleges at the University, since its foundation, the College has been a leading educational beacon ushering in new generations of highly-qualified and skillful students who would serve the community and the nation.

Within the framework of the university strategic plans, the College has set ambitious and expanding plans which includes forming community partnerships, establishing a comprehensive quality system, promoting research through the development of an infrastructure and creating a conducive academic environment.

Part of the college’s framework is also attracting qualified cadres locally and internationally, to cope with the increasing number of new registered students in various specialties.

With a solid infrastructure and strong determination for success, the College aspires for the development of a modern educational as well as research environment that can stimulate innovation among a new generation of students capable of lead this nation.

The College also aims to achieve leadership at the national, regional and international levels. Therefore, our objectives are as follows:

•    Qualify graduate students to meet the need of labor market in various fields.

•    Achieving remarkable progress in research and promoting the concept in the university. 

•    Bridging the gap between the university and community.

  • Recruiting highly qualified lecturers

•    Creating a supportive academic environment.

This is the official page of the college where you can find the services offered by the college. The primary aim of this page is to facilitate the process of communication for faculty members, students and visitors, fulfilling the aspirations of the University and the Ministry of Education.     

Dean of College of Science & Humanities in Hawtat Sudair

Dr. Tarik S. Al - Bahlal