Center of Quality and Accreditation

Center of Quality and Accreditation


 The Center Goals


This center seeks to apply the standards of quality and accreditation in the College in order to bring it to the highest level of performance at all levels.


The Center Functions


  1. Pursue the development and application of a quality plan and an academic accreditation at the College

  2. Continue spreading the culture of quality among the College employees and conducting workshops in the field of quality and academic accreditation

  3. Follow the development of criteria and indicators of teaching and administrative performance at the College

  4. Communicate with the Deanship of quality and skills development at the University according to the university  quality plan

  5. Monitor the implementation of all questionnaires directed by the Deanship of quality and academic accreditation to the college, and conclude results, such as the questionnaire about the college preparation for the beginning of the academic year, about exams preparations and exams quality, etc…     

  6.   The Center Head attending regular meetings organized by the Deanship of quality, and develop skills so as to be able to assess the extent of the development of faculty performance.

  7. Coordinate with the Deanship of quality, solicit applicants for the training courses organized by the Deanship, and to upgrade faculties’ skills   

  8. Continue to conduct self-evaluation at the departments level and the college level

  9. Insuring completion of courses descriptions as well as courses and files in order to meet the requirements for Academic Accreditation

  10. Follow-up on exams quality, and continuously evaluate them, and undertake all the necessary procedures for that purpose 

Head of Quality Center and Accreditation,

Dr. Ashraf Abed ElBadii ElBessyouni

List of Members of the Center of Quality and Accreditation

1-Dr. Ashraf Abed ElBadii Abed ElFettah ElBessyouni, President

2-Soltana Bint Mohamed Elhanin, Female Quality Coordinator, Vice President

3-Wadhha Abdallah Shibani, Coordinator of the Maths Department, Member

4-   Dr. Khadija Abdelaziz Ibrahim, Department of Education and Psychology, Member

5- Dr. Wafa Mahmoud Esseid Ismaiil, Coordinator of Chemistry Department, Member

6- Dr. Najla Saiid Mohamed Ahmed, Coordinator of Computer Department, Member

7- Dr. Ghada Dafaa Allah Assadik, Coordinator of English Department, Member 

8- Maha Abderrahmen Ellifen, Coordinator of Arabic Department, Member