Finance Department


قسم المالية




Majmaah University is well-known for teaching majors that are in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The Finance program taught at the College of Sciences and Humanities in Hawtat Sudair, which was established in compliance with the Higher Education Council Resolution No. (1430/3) dated (4 Rajab 1430).

Finance as a major used to be taught under the Department of Business Administration. In 1441, a Finance Department was founded to meet the growing need for financial markets in the Kingdom as well as regionally and internationally. keeping pace with scientific and academic developments locally and globally. The department aims to develop students’ knowledge and skills in the field of financial sciences, equip them with theoretical and scientific skills, and qualify them to work in local and global financial markets.

The student graduates after completing 132 teaching hours according to the study plan in addition to 3 hours in field training and 3 hours in a research project.

We welcome you all to the website which will be updated on a regular basis with useful information, academic guidance, and activities. We will be delighted to know your suggestions to serve the educational, research, and societal goals that the department aspires to achieve.



Dr. Mubarak Muhammad Mansour Aboudi

The department supervisor