To be a distinct and pioneering unit in terms of providing, managing and developing counseling services for students.


To provide integrated counseling services to students in the department to assist student in learning and dealing with the community.


1- Provide counseling services of all kinds to students of the department.

2- Develop and monitor the implementation and delivery of counseling programs.

3- Provide training to offer counseling services


Unit tasks:

1- Supervise counseling in the department (planning - management - support - evaluation).

2- Provide psychological, social, and preventive counseling (coordination - implementation).

3- Hold general programs related to counseling (lectures - workshops - training).

Fields of Counseling:

First: Academic Advising:

   Academic advising is essential and aims to help students since joining the university to adapt to the academic system, helping them to overcome challenges that may lead to underachievement.

Second: Social Advising:

   It aims to prepare students to adapt to their community’s values, behaviors, diversity, and enhance their role serve the community at best.


Third: Awareness and Preventive Guidance:

    It aims to anticipate problems before they occur and to raise students awareness of virtuous values ​​and solving some of the problems that may encounter them.

Fourth: Career Guidance:

    Career guidance aims to prepare students to join the market. This process includes evaluating students’ level and studying the labor market to determine the skills students will need in their career. Training on these skills is provided  in addition to helping them with the necessary skills to search for jobs such as: Curriculum vitae, interview skills.