To be the link between the college and alumni by designing an integrated system featuring state-of-the-art study programs of high quality to meet the demand of local and regional markets.


Provide wide-range of high quality services to alumni to improve their efficiency and skills to meet the market demands as well as coordinate with their business corporations to serve the college and the community.


  1. Follow-up alumni’s professional and personal matters
  2. Create a website for alumni office
  3. Arrange orientation meetings  and invite beneficiary sectors
  4. Issue alumni cards featuring many services provided by the university
  5. Create a database for alumni
  6. Help alumni to find jobs that match their major.
  7. Communicate regularly with alumni to consolidate their relation with the college.
  8. Improve alumni’s skills to meet the market demands.
  9. Communicate with companies to create job opportunities for alumni.
  10. Conduct and publish studies about the statistics of alumni who were employed and those were not.