Vision, Mission and Values


Maintain administrative and academic leadership to achieve development based on Islamic values.  


To provide high quality administrative and academic service to the college employees by encouraging units to improve their professional and social performance.


  1. Honesty at workplace.
  2. Maintain perfection and punctuality in all services provided to employees.
  3. Protect the college’s public interest when providing all services and work as one team.
  4. Improve the educational process and the college’s academic and administrative structure.
  5. Promote the culture of social participation and sustainable environmental development.

 About the Vice-Dean’s Office

The Vice-Dean’s Office for Female Student Affairs was established based on the approval of MU rector with the aim of supporting both administrative and academic departments as well as following-up development plans at the college level. The Vice-Dean’s Office oversees several vice-dean’s offices and committees including:

  • Vice-dean for administrative affairs
  • Vice-dean for educational affairs
  • Vice-dean for quality and development
  • Vice-dean for graduate studies and scientific research