Public Relations and Documentation Unit

  1. Set a comprehensive plan for media and public relations at the college which aims to develop the college’s reputation.
  2. Coordinate and organize the college’s annual events (e.g. graduation ceremony, reception of freshmen, receiving visitors and hosting seminars)
  3. Media coverage of the college’s events, activities and programs and communicating with the media
  4. Supervise the college’s portal including the design and content in cooperation with the college’s different departments.
  5. Create a database of the college’s achievements
  6. Present gifts and memorial shields and certificate as well as flyers
  7. Coordinate the communication channel between the college and audience
  8. Communicate with the PR at the university
  9. Cover the staff and faculty members’ social events
  10. Coordinate the regular meetings of the college staff
  11. Participate in preparing the college’s annual report
  12. Undertake any other tasks assigned by the direct manager