Successful experience forum by vice-rector's office for educational affairs


The forum aims to attract successful experience and share them to boost the efficiency of performance at the Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs.


  1. Constant development at the Vice-Rector’s Office for Educational Affairs.
  2. Maintain integration among the vice-rector’s Offices
  3. Encourage creative initiatives and ideas
  4. Enhance strategic views regarding performance

Supervisory committee:

General supervisor: Dr. Tariq Al-Bahlal

Head of sub-committees: Dr. Yousef Al-Mahous


Committee of education: Dr. Ahmed Al-Mubarak

E-portal committee: Dr. Mohammed Mousa

Media committee: Dr. Jalal Al-Sadeeq

Final report committee: Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman

Reception committee: Mr. Abdullah Al-Saeed and Dr. Rafae Al-Rwaidan