وحدة شؤون الخريجين

Dear graduates

On behalf of me and all staff at the Vice-Dean’s Office for Graduate Affairs, we are delighted to congratulate you this happy occasion which is a turning point in your life and hope you succeed in your future endeavor.

The Vice-Dean’s Office has invariably been on the lookout of holding the best activities that match your interests and needs, creating social conducive environment, gaining a diverse of skills, inculcate noble values.  

The underlying mission of the Vice-Dean’s Office is based on the Islamic values which stress the freedom and dignity of human in society as well as his role in the community.

Believing that students are talented and have energy that should be invested, we explored their potential and brought them up to be the leaders of future.



Mr. Mohammed Al-Sahli

Supervisor of Graduates Unit

أ. محمد بن زيد السهلي