Administrative and Financial Affairs Department

The director of administration undertakes following tasks deemed by the dean, including:


  1. Monitor the implementation of administrative work at the college.
  2. Supervise the progress and development of work in the administration.
  3. Secure college purchases particularly urgent requirements.
  4. Monitor the work related to faculty members under contract such as (passport, residence, visas and travel tickets).
  5. Follow-up custody monitor warehouses.
  6. Supervise the college's facilities with relevant departments, and set plans to follow up on their maintenance and cleanliness.
  7. Monitor the implementation of regular procedures related to vacations of college employees.
  8. 1. Provide administrative, financial, and educational and research needs in coordination with the dean of the college.
  9. 2. Prepare the annual and periodic reports and submit it to the dean of the college.
  10. 3. Provide support services needed by the college in coordination relevant departments.
  11. 4. Undertake assigned tasks by the dean of the college.