Vision, Mission, Goals and Values


كلية العلوم والدراسات الإنسانية بحوطة سدير


The PRU aspires to develop a good reputation and create a positive mental image about the college among the different segments of the community members to gain their credibility and trust as well as developing a high-level sense of loyalty to the university among the employees.


Bridge the gap of communication internally and externally; introduce the community members and media to the college’s activities and achievements; create a motivational work environment for creativity and excellence; and contribute in organizing events of high quality.


  1. Integrate with administrative system at the college to boost the employees’ performance level
  2. Inculcate in everyone the principle of cooperation with a focus on values, social standards, rules, public manners and job performance.
  3. Create a family-like and ideal work atmosphere and promote the sense of loyalty to the university among the employees.
  4. Participate in organizing different events and activities at the college.
  5.  Media Coverage all events and activities at the college
  6. Suggest an easy mechanism for serving visitors of the college
  7. Document the college’s events in pictures and news and save them in the achieve.


The values of PRU is based on the ground of Islam, social responsibilities and community participation, and they are:

  • Balance loyalty to the university
  • Interact with changes
  • Ethical commitment
  • Justice and integrity
  • Self-initiation
  • Working as one team
  • Transparency and credibility
  • Sacrifice
  • Dealing professionally with customers
  • Excellence, creativity and innovation
  • Develop the team members’ skills  



كلية حوطة سدير