A virtual meeting with students of Department of Islamic Studies on academic advising

In the presence of the dean, Dr. Tariq Al-Bahlal and the vice-dean for educational affairs, Dr. Fahad Al-Sherari, the Department of Islamic Studies held a virtual meeting, cooperation with the Student Support Unit, entitled “Responsibilities and Services of Student Academic Advising”.

The meeting was moderated by the coordinator of Academic Advising, Dr. Mohammed Abdelkareem by a welcoming speech followed by a presentation delivered by Dr. Murad Al-Shobul about the services by the Student Support Unit.

The dean, Dr. Al-Bahlal talked about the scientific and practical services provided by the college to students who should harness these channels of communication channels as well as the importance of keeping an eye on their study plan.

The vice-dean of Community Service, Dr. Adel Al-Turki talked about the ethics of communication for academic advising between students and their academic advisors followed by a talk for the head of Islamic Studies, Dr. Yasser Al-Shubrami on the mechanism adopted by the department with regard to academic advising.

Dr. Al-Shubul moderated the Q&A session at the end of the meeting.

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Monday, 19/April/2021