College of Nursing

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Nursing at Majmaah University. Nursing is one of the most important health professions because it is deemed the basis of the health care system in the Kingdom. Nursing also plays a crucial role in providing health care services. With that in mind, the leaders of this country have supported this great profession by improving the quality of education and maintaining academic and professional excellence in nursing outcomes. Vision 2030 included many aspects that focused on enhancing the role of nursing profession and its practice as part of the health sector transformation program in public health.

We at the College of Nursing, MU, always strive to create a professional academic environment that motivates students into innovation, creativity and excellence in scientific research as well as maintains sustainable outcomes with high quality for the labor market. We are committed to maintain excellence in our programs including undergraduate and postgraduate studies and diplomas.

The nursing specialty also offers students with different career opportunities ranging from basic to more specialized roles in the fields of general or critical care nursing, pediatrics, geriatrics and mental health.

Thus, the Nursing’s vision and mission at MU is to qualify students to be nurses who understand and practice the highest standards of human and professional values and ethics in nursing and protect human life inside and outside health facilities


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To lead in the field of nursing, scientific research and community service locally and internationally
To qualify graduates in the field of nursing by engaging them in an educational environment of high quality that supports scientific research and social responsibility.
1. Create a stimulating and conducive academic environment for teaching students to excel in the classroom, laboratories, and scientific field.

2. Help graduates in applying theoretical and experimental knowledge acquired from basic sciences and nursing sciences to develop comprehensive plans of care for individuals, families, and communities throughout their life