A virtual meeting with students on entrepreneurship

The vice-dean’s office for educational affairs, represented by Student Support Unit, conducted on Monday a virtual meeting with students, entitled “Entrepreneurship”. The meeting was moderated by the coordinator of SSU, Dr. Muraed Al-Shuboul who introduced the presenter of the meeting, Dr. Thamer Al-Khalidi, head of Department of Business Administration.

Dr. Al-Khalidi introduced the term entrepreneurship and its advantages and explained the difference between entrepreneurship projects and small-scale projects.

He also talked the motivational factors to invest in the Saudi market which is characterized by growth and density of population, high average per capita income and modern technology and banking facilities as well as the funding programs provided by the state

Highlighting the importance of feasibility study before starting any project, Dr. Al-Khalidi pointed out the idea of a project is more important than the project itself or the capital.

The meeting was concluded by real entrepreneurship projects in Saudi Arabia.


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Sunday, 11/April/2021