A virtual meeting with students

A virtual meeting entitled “Worries and hopes of university students” was held by the Vice-Dean’s Office for Educational Affairs, represented by the Student Support Unit. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Murad Al-Shubul in the presence of the dean, Dr. Tariq Al-Bahlal and the vice-dean for educational ffairs,Dr. Fahad Al-Sherari.

The meeting began by a talk presented by Dr. Yasser Al-Shubrami, head of Department of Islamic Studies, which addressed seven themes: GPA – academic plan – academic advising – selecting and changing major – research – what is after graduation.

The importance of grades and GPA were addressed how to maintain good GPA to excel or change into another major.

Dr. Al-Shubrami presented two samples of study plans highlighting the underachievement of students and the appropriate suggestion to overcome this obstacle.

A reference was also made to academic advising and the role of advisors. He also talked about the right time and reasons for changing majors as well as the importance of research for honing students’ skills.

The presenter reviewed the fields in labor market that students can join, and the platform developed by the human resources development fund.

Dr. Al-Shubrami ended the meeting by sharing some the experience of some the university successful students.


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Sunday, 25/April/2021