Vision, Mission, And Goals

  • Vision:
  • Leadership in high-quality Sharia education in the light of a curriculum that combines the constants of religion and modernity.
  • Message:
  • Prepare legally qualified cadres who are able to compete according to quality standards and conduct research to find legal solutions to meet the needs of local and international community.
  • Objectives
  • 1 - Provide an educational environment aimed at improving the educational process and research in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation. 2 - Develop a balanced personality of learners’ faith, worship and behavior. 3. Provide high quality academic service. 4 - Develop a sense of competitiveness in learners in the labor market, which contributes to building community partnership. 5 - Activate modern information technology in the field of Islamic studies to develop the educational process. 6 - Develop the abilities of creative and skilled learners and enabling them to apply scientific research methods to their professional development.