College Rector-ship for Administrative Affairs


 Praise be  to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and prayers be upon Prophet Mohammad, his family, and his companions.


It is my pleasure to explain to you that the Vice Deanship of Administrative Affairs is the part complementing the educational process since its staff works hard to make administrative and technical support always available for the different educational departments in the college. In addition, it gives considerable attention to the administrative system in order to ensure the sustainability of what the college has achieved of uniqueness and leadership. To that end a developed environment is provided for all staff members. The administrative work in the college is accomplished through improving the competence of the administrative staff members, both males and females, which involves encouraging and training them continually. Furthermore, specialized courses are given by the university to the staff members of the college's administration. Moreover, the vice deanship makes whatever both the faculty members and students need in labs and classrooms always available in order to ensure the success of the educational process. We ask Allah to make whatever we do sincerely meant for his sake, and peace be upon Prophet Mohammad, his family, and his companions.



The College's Vice Dean of Administrative Affairs

Dr. Abdulazeez bin Mohammad Al-Hamdan