College Rector-ship for Educational Affairs

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his companions then, The educational affairs in any college or university is the backbone of its renaissance and progress. Students and teachers are two essential elements that cooperate and interact to form qualified and trained graduates who can bear responsibilities and face challenges. This accord could be reached only through mutual efforts from the part of all the college employees, staff, administrators and faculty members. The Educational Affairs deanship of the college of Science and Humanities in Houtat Sudair works on creating harmony and interaction between the different college educational units. It carries its guiding, developmental, training, coordinating and organizational mission in all the departments in order to form an enlightened well-qualified graduate able to compete locally and internationally. The deanship and its units such as: the e-Learning Unit, the Academic Advising unit, the plans and the curriculum unit, and the timetables and tests unit, and the Community Service and Continuing Education unit seeks to effectively contribute in implementing the college and the university strategic plan, follow the academic accreditation criteria through improving the studying plans and programs and contribute to the developmental efforts that would advance education in the Kingdom. May God help us all to what pleases and satisfies him.

Dr. Yusuf bin Mohammed Al-mahwis

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