College Rector-ship for Female Student Affairs

The Vice Deanship of Female Students' Affairs is one of the branches of the organizational frame work in the college. This vice deanship aims to be one of the branches in the college that contribute to the achievement of the goals of the strategic plan. To that end, it creates a motivational environment for female students by supporting and developing whatever can serve the student and help her progress academically. This is all done by our subordinate units, which improve females' students educationally, culturally and socially as well. In addition, some units contribute to providing psychological support to students making sure that they feel settled psychologically and that the environment is well-prepared to suit them.


In general, The Vice Deanship of Female Students' Affairs supervises the educational process technically. Moreover, it supports the college's improvement by making

sure of the safety of classrooms and that they are equipped enough with all the needed technology for achieving the highest level of quality and uniqueness

in supporting girls, this website was established to be a very effective way in getting the students to learn about the vice deanship. Furthermore, it is a means of

communication , through which girls can communicate with the vice deanship for inquiries, suggestions, and opinions, and this way we can serve her with whatever supports her academic progress and competence.


The College's Vice Dean of Female Students' Affairs

Maha bint Abdulrahman Al-Leefan