An Overview of the Department and Studying System

The Department of Islamic Studies, founded since the creation of the College in 1422-1423, is deemed one of the most important departments at the College where religious courses are taught such as Holy Quran, Interpretation (Tafsir) , Quran sciences, Sunnah and its sciences, Belief (Aqeedah) and its branches, and Jurisprudence and its fundamentals. The Department is chiefly concerned with spreading the approach of Islamic moderation in Dawah, combating extremism, and following suit of the people of the sunnah. It also provides community services and promotes scientific research through conducting researches in all religious fields and contributing in addressing community issues. Study System: Graduation requirements There are at least eight levels. The student can graduate when he/she completes the following requirements: 1- exceed(144) credit hours successfully to obtain the bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies, as distributed below. 2-meet the mandatory university's requirements; (12) credit hours. 3- meet the mandatory college's requirements; (30) credit hours 4- meet the mandatory department's requirements; (102) credit hours.