The department Activities

The English Department has been indulged in several activities in the last year: the talent’s day: The students department and under the supervision of Ms. Arwa Mufoz displayed their talents in the various artistic domains such as painting, photography, handicrafts and different food dishes. The orphan’s Day: the English department in collaboration with the Information Technology and the Arabic language departments organized a reception and an entertaining ceremony for a group of children from ‘Insan’ charity. The students welcomed the children and got them involved in various corners prepared by the students. The International Day: students from the English department and under the supervision of Ms. Arwa Mufoz established corners which display the various world cultures. They included written and visual presentations about clothing and food recipes. They also included educative paintings that represent each state. The English Language gazette: the English Department issued a gazette talking about religious, cultural, social and educational topics written in English language under the supervision of Dr. Ihsan Qadir. Educative panels: The students department prepared different educative panels about several subjects in English language and under the supervision of Dr. Ihsan.