Planning and Development Unit




 Unit of Planning and Development



Dr. Kamal Hamadi Al kharof                                                  E-mail: [email protected]              Ext: 3534
Dr. Abdul Qadir Abdul Rahman Abdul Qadir                         Email: [email protected]              Ext: 4665

About the Unit:

The Unit is responsible for preparing and implementing the operational plans of the College as well as following-up their implementation. It is also responsible for amending and correcting these plans if necessary.


1- Preparing and reviewing the strategic plans of the College.
2- Preparing and implementing the operational plan.
3- Providing support and advice to departments and other units in the planning issues.
4- Monitoring the implementation of plans and correcting deviations, if any.
5- Coordinating with the training unit with respect to the preparation of training programs in the field of planning.
6- Preparing an annual report of the College’s efforts and achievements as well as its departments regarding the phases of the plan implementation, and any difficulties they may encounter