About the Department:

The Department of Management Information is one of the new scientific departments at the College of Science and Humanities in Ghat. The department is responsible for teaching management information systems courses at the department.



To be the pioneering department at the level of Saudi universities and colleges and to offer top-notch education. 



Qualify students to meet the growing need of the labor market and to deal with management information systems and their various applications, and to motivate faculty members to publish original scientific research.




The Department of Management Information Systems seeks to achieve the following goals:
- Teach students theory and applied skills in management and technology.
- Qualify students to manage information technology projects.
- Train students on various administrative applications and modern tools and techniques used in this field.
- Qualify students to join the business environment and meet business needs in this vital field.
- Publish original research with a focus on applied aspects in various fields of e-business and enterprise resource planning systems.