Course Description

This course teaches students practice in producing the longer and substantial essay of several paragraphs.  Attention will be given to the process of developing formal argumentative essays and the short research paper.  Emphasis will be given to rules of evidence and the methods of presenting it to support the points of view used. This should prepare the students to write a term paper of 1250 or more words in which they show the ability to handle the mechanics of research and to synthesize the findings of their readings from secondary sources.

Grammar will be emphasized throughout the course.  Verb tenses, modifiers, rules of punctuation, relative pronouns, and prepositions will all be especially stressed.


Course Aims

  1. Write longer and substantial essays of several paragraphs on unseen topics.
  1. Apply two types of essay writing, mainly the classification and process – analysis essays
  2. Apply new methods of development used in the aforementioned types of essay writing.
  3. Use correct grammar in the following points: tenses, modifiers, rules of punctuation, relative pronouns, and prepositions
  4. Produce essays free of dangling modifiers, run-on sentences incorrect antecedents, and sentence fragments Write research papers in which they analyze a work of their choice.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Introduce the classification essay
  2. Introduce the process essay
  3. Introduce the differences between a directional process and an informational process
  4. Reviewing correlative conjunctions and articles for classification
  5. Reviewing adverbial clauses of time reduced to participial phrases, adverbial
  6. Write well-organized academic essays
  7. Correctly apply new elements of process analysis and classification essays
  8. Use correct language and grammar in writing
  9. Write well supported points throughout the two types of essays
  10. Students can complete writing assignments on time