Unit of Graduate Studies



Unit Coordinator (male student section):
Mr. Abdul Rahman Alloehik.               Email: @ mu.edu.sa             Ext:
Unit Coordinator (female student section):
Ms. Eman Abdullah Al Shabe'.           Email: @ mu.edu.sa             Ext:


Keeping up with the development of the educational renaissance in the world by finding the best services and facilities, and those that would help advance the development of skills, creativity and innovation to outstanding graduates' cadres.


The message of the Unit of Graduate Studies at the College is embodied in attracting outstanding students, who wish to pursue scientific studies in various graduate programs fields, and seek to develop their scientific competence to supply various educational and scientific institutions in both; "the public and private" sectors, with scientific cadres that are trained and qualified in solving scientific and industrial problems - with Allah'a well and assistance - that face the development plans in the Kingdom.


1- To provide the graduate student with a broad and deep scientific base for the desired field of specialization that he plans for in the future.
2- To help graduate students meeting the conditions of scientific research, achieve its international standards, and follow the scientific methodology
3- Urging students enrolled in graduate programs at the University to write theses, which follow the terms of selecting appropriate new topics, and follow the scientific methodology.
4- To enable the student opening the gates of knowledge in the world in order for him to be familiar with the knowledge of others as well as what extras they might have in this regard