Student Activities Unit



Unit of Student Activities

Coordinator of Student section:
D. Tariq Hassan Jah Prophet e-mail: [email protected] Ext: 4550
Coordinator of the Female Students Section:
D. Rehab Farouk Wazzh email: [email protected] Ext: 4560

The Unit Vision:

Leadership in the field of student activities, and achieve a qualitative distinction in the discovery of the talents of students and Kdarthm and the development of innovative and creative energies have.

The Unit Message:

Provide meaningful and quality of the activities planned in various fields, supports the curriculum and meet the needs of the student community to contribute to the establishment of a generation that believes work and social responsibility, and has the ability to develop itself and talents, thus contributing to the development of students' behavioral, cognitive and emotional.

The Unit Aims:

1. contribute to the formation of a university student personal Integrated balanced.
2. Astosmaroqat students in meaningful and useful software for the detection of their talents and abilities and refined.
3. closer fraternal ties between students and strengthen the spirit of harmony and cooperation with their professors.
4. continuation of the relationship Bjamathm students after graduation to ensure their interaction with her and renew Marfm and take advantage of them in the area of ​​specialization

 The unit Tasks:

1. Preparation of plans for student activities and the lifting of the Under-college and pursue their implementation.
2. Coordination of developmental courses for college students.
3. Preparation and regulate the activities of student committees within the college.
4. College representation in public committees and student activities.
5. Prepare required all matters relating to student committees to Vice Dean reports.
6. held meetings with members of the Committee for the activation of student activities.