An introduction

English language is one of the  humanities which is currently introduced at the College, where the Department of English Language works according to a highly, comprehensive  academic plan which is largely taken from the Department of English Language, Faculty of Arts , King Saud University. The School of Science and Humanities, at Al -Ghat. grants  its graduates a bachelor degree in English after completing  four academic years with an average of 128 credit hours which aim to upgrade the students' level to be the main pillar in  building the society.

Mission of Department

working to refine the talents of students and provide them with the necessary knowledge in the field of English language in order to equip them with  skills that  achieve their ambitions and help them to find the best jobs in the best places to be able to work efficiently reflecting the adherence of the Department and  to prepare aware generation who knows what is necessary.

Vision of Department

Preparing a generation of graduates  specialized in English Language who are able to do the available jobs on a high level of knowledge and profession and  to ensure doing their work appropriately and on  a high level of quality.

Objectives of Department

English Language Department,  at the Faculty of Science and Humanities, At Al- Ghat, aims to develop the students to serve the community and  to provide growth and prosperity to all the institutions of the community in following respects:

1. Developing the four English language skills-listening, speaking, reading, and writing  among students.
2. Scientific preparation of students in order to be able to meet the needs of the job inside the educational institutions, together with the various kinds of  private sector institutions.

Preparing  graduates to serving the community effectively,  by doing courses and various training programs, and by participating in training the employees to improve their English language skills in various sectors.