Identification of some linguistic issues of language and methods.
Provide students with language skills. Introduce students to ways to increase vocabulary.
Course descriptions
  1. Definition of the decision, a statement of its objectives, and the approach, the placement test

  2. Emphasis - Jurisdiction methods, warning and temptation.

  3. _a _altrecham Appeal to a distress _alndbh.

  4. _ Exile exile tools at wholesale Alasmih_ methods

  5. Exile in actual wholesale tools.

  6. Alastfham_ methods Altjb_ style style of praise and slander

  7. Source of rigid Alosme_ year, the source Mimi, industrial source. Name time, the name of the Commission.

  8. Derivation phenomenon, derivatives of names: the name of the actor, character actor on behalf of Almhbhh

  9. Exaggeration formats, name the time and place, the machine name.

  10. Name effect

  11. Writing between the language and the modern, the right and the weak in the language

  12. Intruder, sculpture, semantic evolution

  13. Altradf_ verbal participation in the Arabic language _a of antagonism in language