Course Description


Introduction to the Renaissance/ Medieval/background/Elizabethan Theatres/Shakespeare's background/ kinds of plays/Background of drama as a genre/Influences on

Shakespeare that added to his genius.


Course Aims

  1. Read Shakespeare's individual plays.
  2. Discuss the characteristics of drama as a literary genre as well as a theatrical event
  3. Discuss Elizabethan concepts and the age of the Renaissance
  4. Analyze the language, techniques, characters and themes of a Shakespearean
  5. comedy and tragedy


Learning Outcomes

  1.  Deliver oral presentations about the age, the playwright, or the genre.
  2.  Write essays about the assigned plays
  3.  Knowledge of individual Shakespearian plays.
  4. Knowledge of Shakespeare's language(prose/verse)
  5. Knowledge of Medieval English- as well as Classical (Greek and Roman) heritage
  6. Knowledge of characteristics of a Shakespearian comedy and tragedy
  7. A general knowledge of the intellectual, social, religious, historical issues of theRenaissance