The Unit of Academic Accreditation


Coordinator of the Male Section:
Dr. Adel Saker Al-Khasawnah Email: [email protected] EXT. ....
Mr. Musaab Abdul Hameed Hussein Email: [email protected] EXT. 4537
Coordinator of the Female Section:
Ms. Siham Othman Semaidah Email: [email protected] EXT. 4562
Ms. Areej Abdullah Al-Ola Email: [email protected] EXT. 4577

About the Unit:

The Unit of Academic Accreditation at the College of Sciences and Humanities in Ghaat seeks to enhance quality and creativity in education at the college in order to obtain academic accreditation for several academic programs at the College.

Objectives of the Unit:

1- Assisting the college in achieving its mission and objectives by adopting the principles of comprehensive quality and implementing plans and programs aiming at high performance and productivity in the fields of education, administration, finance and technology.
2- Taking advantage of the college cumulative experience and knowledge at the academic and administrative departments.
3- Providing requirements and conditions of academic accreditation.
4- Maintaining the academic accreditation obtained by the college programs according to the international and national standards of academic quality.
5- Enhancing the college capabilities in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Tasks of the Unit:

1- Preparing and implementing the strategic plan of the Quality Unit and suggesting alternatives for development
2- Participating in drawing up a draft of the strategic plan through the provision of information needed for preparation or development
3- Assessing the college plans and strategies according to the adopted mechanism
4- Contributing to the implementation of the college strategic plan in consistence with the approved process
5- Cooperating with specialized committees in planning, and proposing development of administrative work at the college in line with the quality requirements
6- Suggesting the policies and criteria of obtaining academic accreditation and following up its implementation in line with the approved mechanism
7- Preparing a comprehensive guidebook of academic accreditation and quality assurance at the college in line with the international and national experiences that can potentially result in securing and maintaining the academic accreditation along with application of quality benchmarks in the fields of education, administration, organization, finance and technology
8- Suggesting the criteria and tools of evaluating the performance of the administrative and educational departments according to the quality and accreditation criteria
9- Following up the performance of the administrative and academic departments and preparing reports proposing improvements leading to the academic accreditation at the college
10- Coordinating with the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation in order to achieve the academic accreditation and high academic standards
11- Contributing to the development of tools and criteria of performance assessment together with measurement of accomplishments in congruence with the adopted process at the college
12- Participating in the preparation and implementation of programs aiming at increasing awareness of the concept of quality at the college
13- Proposing and implementing development programs and training to the college staff
14- Developing the professional, cultural and social competence of the college staff increasing the level of satisfaction of the staff and benefiting from various experts in the college
15- Contributing to the analysis of the college staff need for training and suggesting training programs consistent with the approved criteria at the college
16- Developing learning and teaching through using the process of comprehensive assessment and raising the standard of teaching pedagogy at the college
17- Participating in the development of performance policy, criteria and tools of assessment to the college staff
18- Following up the implementation of the strategic plan of the college and the evaluation of the levels of achievement during the period of execution
19- Drawing up policies, plans and goals of academic accreditation at the college
20- Providing support to the departments for further communication with the international, regional and national accrediting agency
21- Coordinating with the departments and programs to set a timetable for visits of the accrediting agencies
22- Following up the visits of experts at the accrediting agencies to the college departments and programs
23- Providing consultations to the departments and programs in terms of academic accreditation