Tasks of Board





General jurisdiction:

Discharge teaching and research, administrative and administrative affairs and community service assigned to the college and follow-up, develop plans to ensure the achievement of the objectives for which the college was established.


Organizational link:

Linked to the Director of the university


Terms of reference:

1. The proposal to appoint faculty members and teaching assistants, lecturers, seconded, and Assignment, and promotion Binaaly recommendation competent departments.

2. Propose study plans or modified with coordination between departments.

3. The proposal of the curriculum and textbooks and references in the departments of the college.

4. Encourage the development of scientific research and coordination between the departments of the college and to have it published.

5. Adoption of the organization of the examination dates according to the academic calendar approved and commissioned the development of private organizations.

6. propose bylaws of the College.

7. propose the necessary training for college and scholarship plans.

8. proposal activity plan is systematic College.

9. deciding on student matters that fall within the terms of reference in connection with the educational process and the guidance of the Council of the university otherwise.

10-consider transmits it to the University Council or the President or Vice President of the study and opinion.