1. Brief description of the main learning outcomes for students enrolled in the course.
  •  Expansion of the student culture, and raise the expressive capabilities, and increase the linguistic wealth, and help him to use the appropriate phrase is indicative clear.
  •  Training students to speak, and the development of thinking skills, and building ideas logically, and skill development dialogue, and trading of opinion, taking care to stick edge over in classical Arabic.
  •  Raise the linguistic performance of the student; so that the performance of sound words of spelling and grammatical errors and morphological and stylistic and language in general.
  •  Student teaching the basics of editing assets and writing in Arabic.
2 - Briefly describe any plans to be implemented for the time being in order to develop and improve the decision (eg increased use of materials and references that rely on information technology or the Internet, and changes in content as a result of new research in the field):
  • Periodic review of the decision by the Commission on plans and schedules the department.
  •  Reload course content periodically based on recent developments in the field of language skills, and thinking skills.
  •  Reload sources to be learning on a regular basis.