The Writing Center serves the College of Sciences and Humanities in Ghat by raising the level of excellence in student writing, at all levels and in all disciplines. To achieve this goal, the Writing Center provides one-on-one training, workshops, and various resources for students to develop their skills as writers and critical thinkers within the academic community.


  1. Our innovative programs designed to develop students' writing skills.
  2. We collaborate with other departments and programs on campus to support student writing.
  3. We have high-level trainers who are able to teach lessons.
  4. Our interest is in learning from and contributing to research in our field.

We can:

  • Writing as a powerful form of communication, used to understand ourselves and the world around us.
  • Writing, a skill that everyone can learn, as a process requires practice and commitment.
  • The intrinsic value of all the writer's ideas.
  • Conversations between writers and teachers focused on improving the writer, not just writing.
  • A welcoming and inclusive environment for all writers.
  • Learn from and contribute to the campus community.

The Writing Center is supervised by a faculty member in the English Department, who is appointed by the head of the department and approved by the Department Council. The Supervisor has the right to choose outstanding students to assist him in partial supervision of the center and managing appointments, working hours, powers, and the quality of services provided to male and female students with regard to improving academic writing and assisting in choosing research topics.