Unit of Community Service


Unit Coordinator for Male Students Department:
Dr. Anwar Mohammed  al-Jabali Email: @ mu.edu.sa               Ext: 
Dr. Mohammed Al Tayeb Khalid E-mail: @ mu.edu.sa              Ext:
Coordinator for Female Students Department:
Ms. Reem Abdulrazak Al-Mutairi Email: @ mu.edu.sa               Ext: 

About the Unit:

The Unit specializes in planning and organization to carry out the activities of community service offered by the college and its employees, in order to upgrade the medical and health services of the community, as well as the periodic assessment for these services based on the opinions of the beneficiaries, to be directed to the needs of the community in the governorates served by the university.

Tasks of the Unit of Community Service:

1. Monitor, regulate, and document the activities of community service and develop them.
2. Urge the employees of the college to participate in the activities of community service.
3. Follow-up the documentation of activities (including consultations, therapeutic services, and lectures and so on)
4. Issue certificates about the provided activity.
5. Receive and document the forms of participation in the activity of community service.
6. Prepare a report on the activities of community service and submit it to the Vice Dean of the College.
7. Evaluate the college's participation in the activities and events of community service.
8. Assist the Vice Dean in planning and organization in all that would facilitate the functioning of the Unit.
9. Implementation of duties assigned by the Vice Dean of the College for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research