Counselling and Student Rights Unit


Unit of Counselling and Student Rights

Coordinator of Student section:
Dr. Ali Alsayed Hussein            e-mail: [email protected]                   Ext:
Coordinator of the students section:
Dr.Chadia Daoud Kamar         e-mail: [email protected]                           Ext: 4663

Unit Vision:

Permanent seek to raise the level of counseling services for students in accordance with international standards in higher education institutions, to achieve self and humanity in student creativity and excellence requirements.

Unit Message:

Provide better extension services and academic psychological, educational and social for students and consulting and students according to the teachings of the Islamic religion and standards of overall quality, bringing the student to build character and to adapt to the university environment, and to prepare them to be an active member during his university studies in the community after graduating through the achievement of academic and social objectives.

Unit Tasks:

1. Provide economic and psychological, educational, health, educational and social welfare program to help students take advantage of the various program that will help them to cater to their needs and to achieve social, psychological and personal integration compatibility.
2. Lifting Deanship of Admission cases the student who have chronic diseases to disabilities.
3. communication and coordination with the heads of academic departments to transfer the cases that need to guide and direct follow-up.
4. The establishment of programs designed to modify some of the negative behaviors that are not consistent with the legitimate values ​​and enlighten students regulations.
5. doing the rounds across the college to follow students as competent.
6. enlighten students to the objectives of direction and guidance, plans, program and services and build a productive professional relationships with students through newsletters.
7. Students create the appropriate conditions that help students achieve the care and solving individual and collective problems and take care of their abilities and interests and achieve their needs and achieve the appropriate growth for the next phase of their stage.
8. motivate faculty to conduct research and educational and social studies, which aims to treat the members or the discovery of behavioral problems among students and out the necessary recommendations.
9. participation in the preparation of the annual report on the college regarding the unit.
10. Undertake any other works assigned by the immediate supervisor.