Excellence in Learning and Teaching Unit




The Unit of Excellence in Teaching and Learning



The unit coordinator for Male Section:

Mr. Abdullah bin Ali Al Sadoun          Email: [email protected]          Ext: 4517

The unit coordinator for Female Section:

Ms. Inas Fawzy Abdulaziz                 E-mail: [email protected]        Ext: 4663.


Overview of the Unit:

The Unit of Excellence in Teaching and Learning supports the faculty members, and provides a stimulating academic environment that supports excellence and creativity in teaching and learning, in addition to providing a system for quality and continuous improvement to ensure the effectiveness of teaching and quality of learning outputs.


Objectives of the Unit:

1. Attracting outstanding faculty members and continuously upgrading their performance.

2. Improving the strategies of teaching and learning to improve the targeted educational outputs.

3. Developing the educational programs in accordance with the quality standards and requirements of academic accreditation .


Tasks of the Unit:

1. proposing mechanisms to increase the efficiency and improve the performance of the university professors (e.g. workshops, training sessions, specialized forums, ..).

2. Supporting self-development (professionalism) of the faculty member.

3. Developing plans for the evaluation and development of the various academic programs curricula through the scientific departments in the light of the general trends of the university and quality requirements, as well as the need of labor market.

4. Following up and coordinating with the units of quality in the various colleges to the meet the standards of teaching and learning

5. Contributing to the development of teaching methods: interest in e-learning, self-learning, active learning as well as the developments in teaching methods and the student-oriented education.

6. Developing the mechanisms that improve the requirements and equipment of teaching and learning, such as libraries, laboratories, classrooms and internet halls in the various colleges. The Unit's available fields in the college - (faculty members and their counterparts. - College male and female students. - Modes of learning) classrooms, smart boards, personal computers, video, display screens) ... etc. - Libraries - curriculum. - Field training programs for some departments. – Unit/ Skills Development Centers.