Unit of Scientific Research

Unit Coordinator for Male Students Department:
Dr.Anees Ali Al Adar                 Email: [email protected]            Ext:
Female Students Coordinator:
Dr. Mona Jaber Abdalhafez       Email: @ mu.edu.sa                         Ext:

About the Unit:

The Unit specializes in encouraging scientific competencies to keep pace with the rapid progress of science and technology, pushing them to creativity and innovation and the development of scientific research, as well as the direction of scientific research to address the local community and international issues in the field of science and humanities. It is also concerned with the provision of technical support and advice to faculty members, so as to enrich the scientific research process in the College of Sciences and Humanities in Ghat. Furthermore, the Unit of Scientific Research is considered as the link between the College and the Vice Rectorship of the University for Scientific Research.

Tasks of the Unit of Scientific Research:

1. Provide research facilities for faculty members and make them available and convenient for them.
2. Attract the best researchers, as well as local and international talents who wish to conduct researches in the areas of concern identified by the university on the basis of national needs.
3. Seek to conduct funded researches and advisory services.
4. Cooperation with local and international institutions to achieve common goals and research programs.
5. Develop and support the vital scientific research culture that supports innovation and serves employees and university as well