Unit of Scholarship Affairs



    Unit of Scholarship Affairs   Unit Coordinator: Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Issa E-mail: [email protected]        Ext: 4665.   General definition of the Unit: The Unit specializes in fulfilling the needs of the departments in teaching assistants and assuring granting them a scholarship to outstanding universities with high levels of global classification, as well as striving to provide communication between them and the college to follow up their affairs in their scholarship centers. In addition the unit provides the necessary support for scholarship holders so as to achieve a high level of performance for future faculty members.  Tasks of the Unit of Scholarship Affairs: 1. Coordination with the units of the college in all relevant fields.2. Implementation and follow-up of the overall policy of the college for postgraduate studies and scholarship. 3. Coordination with the units of the college in all relevant fields. 4. Supervision to follow up the conditions of the college's scholarship holders abroad in coordination with the departments. 5. Follow-up updating the site of the college with respect to the Unit. 6. Implementation of duties assigned by the Vice Dean of the College for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research