About the Vice-Dean's Office


بانر كلية الغاط

General specialty:

Supervising the progress of the educational process, implementing approved policies, and conducting programs in the fields of educational affairs and its supporting services in coordination with the Dean of the College.

Organizational connection:

Reporting to the Dean of the College.


1- Supervising the implementation and development of study plans in the college.

2- Creating an appropriate educational environment.

3- Writing timetables and supervising the teaching load of faculty members and the like.

4- Following up on determining the college’s need for faculty members and hiring them in coordination with the scientific departments.

5- Contributing to improving the efficiency of faculty members in teaching and learning processes.

6- Supervising the provision of suitable educational facilities and ensuring they are used in teaching and learning.

7- Follow up on the development of educational facilities and meeting the needs of the college’s laboratories.

8- Providing educational resources and academic references in various specializations in coordination with the executive authorities at the university.

9- Developing assessment methods and tools at the college.

10- Managing and documenting students’ examination procedures, evaluating their academic performance, and forming the necessary teams for them.

11- Proposing the formation of committees.

12- Coordinating with the college deans and heads of academic departments to achieve the college’s goals.

13- Communicating with the university’s corresponding academic and administrative units in coordination with the Dean of the College.

14- Preparing a comprehensive report on the progress of study and academic performance in the college, and submitting it to the dean of the college.

15- Undertaking the tasks delegated by the College Council or its Dean.