A Training Course for Freshmen on using Blackboard

At the request of the dean, Dr. Omar Al-Omar and under the follow-up of the vice-dean for educational affairs, Dr. Shayae, the College conducted a 3-day course on using Blackboard System.
Presented by Dr. Hassan Hamouda, the supervisor of e-learning unit, the course aims to explain:
- E-courses and main interface
- Links of useful programs helping students for studying a course
- Elements of the Strat menu: (course plan – timetable – student’s tasks – evaluation mechanisms)
- Videos’ links to explain the course
- How to study the course (introduction – goals – content – summary – activities)
- How to download the content of the course (pdf files)
- How to view the course’s announcement?
- How to use the assignment’s tool and uploading files?
- How to answer the course’s activities
- How to answer the lessons’ quiz
- How to answer a lesson questions then move to next lesson
- How to participate in the course’s discussion and answer the questions asked by the instructor
- How to participate in virtual classes of a course and how to communicate with the instructor and students
- How to follow the evaluation tool of a course
- How to send an email to the instructor
- How to receive an email
- How to view grades of a course (tests, assignment, discussion, virtual classes)
The dean, Dr. Al-Omar pointed out that such programs are part of a series of other activities and programs targeting students, motivating them to avail themselves of such activities.

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Wednesday, 16/September/2020