About the Department

An introduction

The Department of Management Information is one of the  new scientific departments at the College of Science and Humanity Studies in Ghat. Thus this department teaches the courses of Management Information Systems at the department and college levels.

Vision of Department

 The Department of Management Information Systems,  at Majmaah University, should be one of the most important departments at the university,  a pioneer at the level of Saudi universities and colleges to achieve advanced academic and high scientific status.

Mission of Department

Prepare and rehabilitate special cadres to participate in the labor market,  have the ability to deal with the Management Information Systems in its various applications, and faculty members to provide high quality scientific research.

Objectives of Department

 Department of Management Information Systems seeks to achieve the following objectives:
• - teach students theoretical and practical skills in management and technology.
• -Rehabilitate students to manage the projects of information technology .
• - develop and train students on various administrative applications, tools and state-of-art technologies used in this field.
• - contribution to supply the business environment with  national cadres to meet the needs of businesses in this vital field.
• - publish the specialized research, focus on the practical aspects in different areas of e-business, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.