Rabi Al-Thani 1441
15 December 2019

A Visit to the Astronomical Observatory

Last Modified Tue, 2019/01/15 - 17:10

Under the guidance of the Dean of College of Science and Humanities in Ghat Dr. Omar bin Mohammed Al-Omer, and the supervision of Mr. Yaser Fadel Al-Mawly Al-Ameen, the college Student Activities Unit visited the Astronomical Observatory in Hutat Sudair on Wednesday 21/11/2018 AH.
The visit began with a tour inside the Astronomical Observatory, where Mr. Abdullah Al Khudairy explained in detail the astronomical telescopes and how to use them, the solar group with its various components in terms of physical and motor aspects, and the various nebulae and galaxies in different forms and types.
This is in addition to demonstrating the real and virtual moon movement on the sky during the phases.
He also gave a description of the astronomical exhibition, clarifying the moon phases, the beginning of the Arab month, and the occurrence of Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse.
At the end, the visitors praised the astronomical observatory and thanked everyone for the good reception.