Rabi Al-Thani 1442
24 November 2020

A Training Course on ‘Microsoft Excel’

Last Modified Thu, 2019/12/19 - 17:20

At the request of the Dean, Dr. Omar Al-Omar, the Student Activity Unit held a training course entitled “Introduction to Microsoft Excel” on Monday.
The course was presented by Dr. Mas’ad Ayad, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, and addressed the following topics:
1. How to deal with tables.
2. How to deal with equations.
3. Types of formats and layouts.
The goals of the course are:
1. Introduce students Microsoft Office and ‘Excel’ in particular
2. Explain the features of Microsoft Excel
3. Develop students’ skills in dealing with tables
The Dean, Dr. Al-Omar said such courses are designed to develop students’ skills. The deanship is ready to provide students with training courses needed for the improvement of their skills.